I'm Faith.

I grew up in the American South, but when I was 21, I met an Englishman named Simon on the back pew of a little church in North Yorkshire. We live in a village just north of London now with our two little boys, and we're all pretty crazy about each other. I've lived in the UK for most of my adult life, but I still eat grits for breakfast, say "y'all", and hug everyone I meet. I guess you can take the girl out of the South...

I used to be a journalist, but I started my photography business in 2012 - right after I started my family. Since then, I've taken countless pictures of couples in love in the UK, Europe, and the USA. I love weddings because I love marriage. Choosing each other over and over again, every day, for the rest of your lives - I think there's something supernatural about it. 

I describe my photography as raw, intimate, emotive, and cinematic. I want you to look at your photos and remember not just how you looked, but how you felt. Because I was a journalist - and I'm still a writer - I believe wholeheartedly in the power of storytelling. It shows up in every part of my life - from the way I make up bedtime stories for my sons, to the way I'm writing a memoir, and in the way I tell stories with my camera. Every story is different - your story is different - and I think it deserves to be told.

*I live near London, but I love to travel. So if you’re wondering if I’ll come to you, the answer is probably yes.


Things I Like

The Office (US, for sure)

"That's What She Said" jokes (see above)

intimate weddings

strong black coffee

Madewell jeans

loud laughers

early 2000s R&B

dark chocolate


trying not to kill my houseplants

Five Guys burgers (all the way + hot sauce)

hearing about how you met

red wine in the winter/white wine in the summer

loose, messy hair