"OMG! We freakin' love 'em! You hero!" - Stef + Nicky


"Thank you Faith! They're lovely, made me cry even. I'm so pleased you helped us document our boy at this young age. We'll definitely be in touch again!" - Imogen + Sanna


"I cannot stop looking at these photos. Scott said, 'She is the best photographer we have ever had.' Now this is problematic because it means that we are going to have to fly you here each year to take our photos. But the plane ticket will be worth it.

These are truly incredible and something that we will treasure for our life...they perfectly capture who Clara and Connor are at this point in their life. And those shots of the living room are pretty awesome, too!" - Laura + Scott



We can't stop looking at them!!! YOU FREAKING GENIUS. We're super excited for our wedding with you now!!!!! 

We can't possibly thank you enough for these beautiful captures. You are so incredibly talented and we honestly thank God for the gifts you have. You've been such a blessing to us. Thank you so so much." - Sarah + Mike