I started my photography business in 2012, when I had a tiny little boy at home and was also doing freelance copywriting. I got paid £200 to shoot my very first wedding for some friends, and £850 (plus a really sweet hotel room) for my second one.

Six years later, I’ve managed to build a sustainable business, attracting the kind of clients I want to work with, contributing to my family’s finances, and creating work I’m really proud of…and making a little more than £850 + a hotel room.

It hasn’t been a smooth road the whole time, but I’ve learned so much, and gotten to the point in my career where I really want to share what I’ve learned with people who are just starting out and need some help, advice, and direction.

Here are the details:

  • 4 hours together, with my undivided attention

  • me, as an open book to you

  • 2 hours business talk and any questions you have, 1 hour editing and my workflow, and a 1-hour shoot with a real couple

  • lunch and coffee